Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

It has become harder to promote air-flow between the indoors and outdoors as modern houses become more insulated and tighter. Though this keeps the home warm during winter, it could also make it difficult to ventilate the home.  

Though turning on fans and opening windows could help with regular circulation of the air, it could be difficult to completely clean the home when it is closed up every time. This could cause buildup in odors, dirt, and dust within your house. Professional carpet cleaning could help lower the mites (the one that causes most of the buildup), dirt, and dust and improve your indoor air quality. 

Bad Air Quality is a Health Problem 

Dirty air could worsen existing issues such as asthma and cause allergies, aside from unpleasant grime and odors. Around 90% of allergic asthmatics suffer runny noses, sneezing, and shortness of breath when they’re exposed to dust mites. Also, around 10% of the population could suffer sensitivities to things found in house dust.  

What is in house Dust? 

House dust could include anything from human skin particles, pet dander, and fabric fiber. Dust mites could simply live in your upholstery and carpets. Therefore, you could stir them up each time you walk whenever your floors see a lot of traffic. Other disturbances such as moving curtains, vacuuming, and changing bedding, could disturb the mites. 

Improving the Quality of your Indoor Air 

You could take steps to prevent a huge population of allergens and mites with simple maintenance. Regularly replacing air filters could prevent the debris from spreading all over your air. Also, vacuuming with empty and clean bags could prevent your carpets from gathering a lot of dust.  

Almost all carpets need to be cleaned once every 6 up to 12 months. This depends greatly on how many individuals are in or moving through your house on a daily basis. This includes the in and out foot traffic. In addition to that, having a pet in the house is also a factor as to how often you clean the carpet. For those who do not know, pet dander is one source of house dust.  

When to Clean the Carpet 

If you want to know if your carpet requires cleaning, simply go to an area of your house that is well-lit and run your hand over your carpet after vacuuming. It may be time to hire a professional cleaner if you could still see dust particles floating around as you ruffle the carpet’s fibers. Areas of your house that acquire a lot of foot traffic, such as living rooms and hallways, may require more frequent maintenance. 

Air quality in your house could be greatly affected if the carpet goes polluted for a long time. Your carpeting works almost like a huge air filter. It takes all the pollutants that are acquired from the outside. Eventually, all those pollutants would be released in the air. Before it is too late, contact a professional Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich to have your carpet cleaned.  

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