Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

It has become harder to promote air-flow between the indoors and outdoors as modern houses become more insulated and tighter. Though this keeps the home warm during winter, it could also make it difficult to ventilate the home.  

Though turning on fans and opening windows could help with regular circulation of the air, it could be difficult to completely clean the home when it is closed up every time. This could cause buildup in odors, dirt, and dust within your house. Professional carpet cleaning could help lower the mites (the one that causes most of the buildup), dirt, and dust and improve your indoor air quality. 

Bad Air Quality is a Health Problem 

Dirty air could worsen existing issues such as asthma and cause allergies, aside from unpleasant grime and odors. Around 90% of allergic asthmatics suffer runny noses, sneezing, and shortness of breath when they’re exposed to dust mites. Also, around 10% of the population could suffer sensitivities to things found in house dust.  

What is in house Dust? 

House dust could include anything from human skin particles, pet dander, and fabric fiber. Dust mites could simply live in your upholstery and carpets. Therefore, you could stir them up each time you walk whenever your floors see a lot of traffic. Other disturbances such as moving curtains, vacuuming, and changing bedding, could disturb the mites. 

Improving the Quality of your Indoor Air 

You could take steps to prevent a huge population of allergens and mites with simple maintenance. Regularly replacing air filters could prevent the debris from spreading all over your air. Also, vacuuming with empty and clean bags could prevent your carpets from gathering a lot of dust.  

Almost all carpets need to be cleaned once every 6 up to 12 months. This depends greatly on how many individuals are in or moving through your house on a daily basis. This includes the in and out foot traffic. In addition to that, having a pet in the house is also a factor as to how often you clean the carpet. For those who do not know, pet dander is one source of house dust.  

When to Clean the Carpet 

If you want to know if your carpet requires cleaning, simply go to an area of your house that is well-lit and run your hand over your carpet after vacuuming. It may be time to hire a professional cleaner if you could still see dust particles floating around as you ruffle the carpet’s fibers. Areas of your house that acquire a lot of foot traffic, such as living rooms and hallways, may require more frequent maintenance. 

Air quality in your house could be greatly affected if the carpet goes polluted for a long time. Your carpeting works almost like a huge air filter. It takes all the pollutants that are acquired from the outside. Eventually, all those pollutants would be released in the air. Before it is too late, contact a professional Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich to have your carpet cleaned.  

How to Keep your Carpet in Great Shape

You could improve the life and beauty of your carpet with proper care and cleaning. However, you should remember that maintaining the carpet requires more than simply using a vacuum around the carpet every now and then. 

Why is it important? 

First of all, keeping your carpet in great shape will help you prolong its life. Next, it would also help improve the air quality in your house. For those who do not know, even if it isn’t a clear stain, everything that lands on the carpet have the chance to stay.  

Pet dander, mold spores, hair, and dust particles are mostly invisible to our naked it. They fall off our clothing and land on the floors. Walking over your carpeting grinds these tiny particles into the underlay and fibers. This frequently leaves the carpet that looks clean but could impact negatively the air in your house.  

Carpets that are dirty could present a huge range of health hazards. Even if you do not smell or see it, your carpets might have mold, especially if you have had a flood. Mold spores could cause permanent damage to your respiratory system, sneezing, and breathing issues.  

One major carpet problem is dust mites. They live deep into the fibers of your carpet. The waste that these mites produced could cause breathing problems and allergic reactions.  

Tips for Keeping your Carpet in Great Shape 

Vacuuming daily is important in preventing the carpet from gathering grime and dirt that can cause bacteria to develop. Also, vacuuming regularly could eliminate allergens and dust from carpets. This could greatly improve your indoor air quality. The EPA suggests using a vacuum with a highly efficient air filter bag and a strong suction. 

You should also use rugs and doormats. It might appear counterintuitive to place a rug over your carpet. However, it could prolong the life your carpet and keep dirt away. In addition to that, utilizing mats at every entrance of your house could prevent dirt from entering your house and lower airborne dust particles.  

Before you step onto the carpet, you should take your shoes off. This could help keep your carpet looking new and prevent putting additional pressure on the fibers of the carpet.  

Immediately clean it up if you spill something. This would avoid stains from setting in deep. This would also avoid bacteria from developing. You could be at risk of odors, mildew, and mold in your carpet if bacteria develop.  

Be sure that you cut loose carpet strands using a blade or a pair of scissors. You could possibly cause the carpet to run and cause a bigger tear eventually if you pull on the strands.  

Shampooing and steam cleaning the carpet at least once every year would help it to prolong its life. You could purchase a machine to do the job yourself. Or, you could call Ipswich Carpet Cleaning so they could send a professional to take care of your carpet.  

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Keeping your house wonderful, neat, and clean is the great thing about home maintenance. Though home upkeep and maintenance is not that really hard, it could get demanding whenever you are attempting to clean and maintain the carpet. A carpet in a house could get easily dirty. This leaves you unsightly stains and residue spots. All you have to do is have a routine to avoid these issues. This would leave your most comfortable and softest part of your house looking excellent.  

Here are some maintenance and upkeep tips to help you: 

Every Day Tips 

There are several upkeep and maintenance that you should do every day, even though it might appear overwhelming. It will help you lower the long-term damage to the carpet. You must consider eliminating any grime or dirt that’s found its way to the carpet. You should do this on a daily basis. Additionally, immediately clean the carpet and blot it out if it has been damaged by a stain on a certain day. You could prevent the long-term damage by immediately addressing the stain.  

Every Week Tips 

On a weekly basis, there are several maintenance and upkeep steps that you should take. Most of the steps are quite simple and easy. This includes mitigating the amount of sunlight that hits the carpet directly and rotating the furniture. You could prevent sun damage, dryness, and discoloration by lowering the amount of sunlight that rests directly upon the carpet. Additionally, you could give the carpet a bit of a rest if you rotate the furniture every week. Last but not the least; you must place glides under the furniture if you haven’t had done it yet. The glides would help stop the heavy furniture from damaging the plushness and putting pressure on the carpet.  

Hiring a Professional Cleaner 

You might only require a professional carpet cleaning company once a year if you maintain the carpet well. An expert carpet cleaner would be able to get rid of the stains that you have had hard time getting out. Additionally, Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich Qld would be able to remove the tough pet hair that found its way into the fibers of your carpet, remove any grime and dirt that your vacuum missed, and freshen the carpeting. You would have a carpet that looks exactly what it is when you bought it the first time through a yearly professional cleaning. 

Keeping the Carpet Soft 

Having a carpet that is itchy and rough is one of the biggest concerns that almost all homeowners have. There are several easy things that you could do to help the carpet maintain its softness, instead of just leaving it dirty and rough. One of the primary steps that you could take is to stop using vacuum devices that utilize suction. You should also select a device that has big wheels. This would enable you to easily move the vacuum over the carpet. So, it would prevent the carpet from getting damaged and pushed down.